100 Nanometers wide Microscopic Storage System

Researchers from the Netherlands created a system where a disk can store information within atoms. The invention is not yet ready for open use but offers a variety of potential outcomes.

Experts from the Netherlands are able to create a microscopic framework that encodes each piece of information with a solitary particle. At the end of the day, a kilobyte could be put away in a space spreading over only 100 nanometers.

Hard drives you purchase today utilize a framework that require hundreds or a large number of atoms to store a single bit of information. However, the new framework can store around 500 terabits per sq inch.

In a public statement, Sandre Otte, lead researcher at the Delft University of Technology, expressed that “in principle, this stockpiling thickness would permit all books ever made by people to be composed on a solitary post stamp.” How awesome is that?