Bad news for John Cena fans!

john cena


Who is a wrestling geek but not aware of the most popular wrestler John Felix Anthony Cena? there would be no one, I bet. The most popular John Cena is away from wrestling ring for a long time now. According to some reports, John Cena has drawn himself away from arena because of a TV reality show which can prolong for a long time.

According to reports, reality show could be John’s first step towards Hollywood and if he remains successful in this project he may has to say good bye to wrestling forever just like the Rock has done.

According to American business magazine Forbes, John Cena wants to build his career in Showbiz world now and he has expressed these desires in his previous pictures.

John Cena was seen in an event “Hell in a cell” for the last time and was lost his title “United State Champion” fighting against Alberto Del Rio.

John Cena is one of the world famous wrestler who won ” World Heavy Weight Champion Ship” for 15 times since started his career on 1999.