How to get rid of “diabetes type 2″ (new research)


British scientists ran some new experiments and surfaced some amazing facts to cure diabetes type 2. According to the experts the fat coating on “Pancreas” is the main cause of Diabetes type 2 and that this can be reversed by losing your weight with daily exercise, a herbal supplement or some other way, not a bad deal!

British scientists involved such persons in their experiments who were victimized by diabetes but were above average in their weight. Scientists observed some fats coated over the pancreas of almost all patients. They patients who removed their additional fats with sort of surgery or gastric by pass were reported to have healed their diabetes type 2 as well and their pancreas started secreting insulin normally.

According to experts, diabetes patients should try to lose their weight and at least 1g of the fat should be remove to get pancreas work and secrete insulin normally.