India stands 2nd in world’s dumbest nations



India is quite successful in occupying 2nd place in world’s 10 most dumbest nations.

A market research company Ipsos MORI organized a survey based on 25000 persons from 33 countries to discuss some casual and serious problems of their country analysed them more thoroughly.

North Korea is the finest nations according to the survey reports and China stands on 5th but here we are talking about the dumbest ones where Mexico comes at 1st place. According to reports 30% Mexicans give value to non-religious and  20% to migrants. More, they don’t appreciate the increasing number of women politicians in the country.

India stands at number 2 where 32% people exaggerate on their opinion on Agnosticism, according to survey report. Moreover, Indian women uplifts and exaggerate to encourage their politicians also, the Rural access to the internet is submissive in Urban’s point of view. 

In dumbest category, Brazil stands on 3rd, Peru on 4th, New Zealand on 5th, Columbia 6th, Belgium 7th, South Africa 8th, Argentina 9th and Italy is on 10th position.