Li-fi, 100 times faster than wi-fi

Lifi technology

A new data transmission technology li-fi is being experimented and have shown many positive results so far. Light is basically the source of data transmission which are reported to be the visible spectrum of light and would transmit data 100 times faster than the traditional radio active sources.

The company Velmenni’s CEO Deepak Solanki told BBC that you need LED bulbs, internet connection and photo detector to run li-fi. Velmenni, in their experiments, used 1 bulb to transmit 1GB data per second. They further added that this speed could be up to 224GB per second. They have performed some sort of experiments on a office set up and achieved their desired goals.

Li-fi has some upper hand advantages over wi-fi like LED’s visible spectrum doesn’t gets disrupted like wi-fi’s radio active signals and that’s the reason that this technology would be used in Aerospace or in air jets.

However, this technology has some serious shortcomings too like this tech can’t be used in sun as sun light disrupts light spectrum and similarly this can’t be used across walls because light spectrum cannot travel across walls.

CEO Deepak Solanki said that this technology could reach customers within 2 to 3 years.