The world’s most precious biscuit sold at unbelievable price!

London: In UK 103 years old rare and historical Titanic biscuit was sold out at Rs 24 Lac during an auction.

This rare biscuit is of famous ship namely ‘Titanic’ that was drowned into the sea a century ago which was found in a life boat inside of a safety bag. A man who was saved out of sight hereinafter accident namely James surrounding of envelop.

It was said by the auction company of this rare biscuit which worth is in millions that this is the most precious biscuit of the world.

This picture was sold in 33 Lac which was more than expectations. This black and white photo was taken a day after the sinking of the Titanic and this photo was saved by the chief stewards of “Prince Adalbert” inside of its camera.

The interesting thing is this that at that time photographer was unknown out of sight the accident that had been done to Titanic.

However, hereafter seeing traces of red on the avalanche was estimated that the Titanic had hit the landslides.

During the auction a cup as also offered for auction which was sold in the record worth of approximately 1.5 Billions, the purchaser of it was a British citizen.

It was told in connecting with this cup that this cup was of “Capt. Arthur” who was a pilot of small ship that was used to save the passengers of Titanic.

It is cleared that The Titanic in April 1912 from the British port of Liverpool went to the city of New York and in regarding of Titanic, it was proclaimed that this is unsinkable ship but in its first voyage hereinafter hitting an iceberg was drowned in the depths of the Atlantic.