Turkey downs Russia’s warplane near Syria border

Ankara (AFP) – Turkey, on Tuesday, shot down Russian’s jet fighter on Syrian border. This has caused tensions between two key crusaders in four year Syria war.

In a statement, Turkish presidency said that the plane was a Russian Su-24 fighter jet.


According to Turkish media one pilot had been captured by Syrian rebels. Russia has confirmed that one of its jets had been shot down but they are unclear about the pilot’s fate yet.

According to Turkish army the Russian jet violated airspace 10 times within 5 minutes and was shot down by two Turkish F-16s


They had to bring down Russian Su-24 plane under the rules of engagement because “despite the warnings, it violated the Turkish airspace several times,” said the Turkish presidency.

Reports said two pilots were ejected from the plane and Turkish television pictures showed two white parachutes descending to the ground.View gallery

Turkish foreign ministry official has told AFP that Lavrov’s visit would go ahead as planned and that there is no change in the program.