Worst & Best Laptop Brands – 2015

Going to buy a laptop? Then the very next question in your mind would be the brand, that is, which brand should I buy. Laptop-mag has published the list the Best and the Worst Laptop brands. This magazine examines laptop makers each year and publish a list with the standing position of each manufacturer. They evaluate these brands based on notebook quality, their technical support, selection, value and other criteria.


Above chert gives a clear picture that some brands are raised in ranking like HP and Dell while some have fell down like Lenovo jumps down to 6th from 2nd position in 2015.

1 – Apple

Apple, like an undisputed king, occupies the first poistion. Apple has won 5 out of 9 categories including best score for its laptop reviews. Moreover, Apple’s technical support score is also astral, its touch-pads, keyboards, audio & vidoe quality is still not beatable.

2 – Dell

Its innovation, selection and audio are some of the key traits that raised this brand to 2nd place this year. Also, Dell’s reviews and technical support are a couple more categories which has made this brand a runner up.


3 – HP

HP has also been uplifted from 4th to 3rd position mainly because of its cute designs, styles, audio and variable yet economical prices. HP has also good trust worthy technical support.

How scoring is done -

The scoring of brands depend on different factors like how much company is efficient in solving its customers problems, their design, styles and comfort. But they start by looking into ratings and reviews of notebooks reviewed between Jan 31, 2014 till Jan 31, 2015. Basically points are awarded based on ratings like, if  laptop had a rating of 4 starts it gets 4 points. If a company gets minus 1 point for any review lesser than 3 stars, it’s awarded 1 point for Editor’s choice. All points for each company are then added up and an average is calculated.